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Sia Renter Tools

Tools for those wishing to rent storage on the Sia network.

Renter Tools Overview

Last Updated March 4, 2021

This page provides a number of useful tools and information for Sia renters. SiaSetup's Renter Tools can help you determine how much you can expect to spend as a renter on Sia. Other renter tools will be released in the future.

Select a tab below to check out the corresponding renter tool. If you're not yet familiar with how renting works on Sia, you can visit our section on Renting first. We also have a step-by-step Guide to Renting on Sia to help you get set up, as well as several Renting FAQs.

Renter Cost Estimator

This calculator will help you estimate your cost of renting storage on the Sia network. You can enter details such as the amount of storage you wish to rent, how long you want to rent it for, how much you plan to upload and download, and prices and settings for various renting metrics, and our cost estimator will show you what you can expect to pay using your entries. Current network price averages are also supplied in order to create the most accurate estimate possible.

Not yet familiar with how renting works on Sia? Learn more about Renting first!

Renter Usage

Enter your expected storage and bandwidth requirements here. If you're not sure about bandwidth settings, set them to the same as your Storage Amount to Rent for now.

Storage Amount to Rent
Rental Duration
Upload Bandwidth
Download Bandwidth
Network Averages

You can set this section to current network averages for prices and and other values by enabling the Use Current Average Prices slider. Then, items marked with a Current Average badge will be filled with near real-time average prices. Alternately, you can change the values in this section to see what storage would cost you under certain circumstances, but if you intend to start renting storage on Sia now, you should leave the Use Current Average Prices setting enabled.

Whoops! We're having trouble updating our prices with real-time data right now. As a backup option, please click here to view the same prices on SiaStats.info. You can manually copy the prices shown there over to the form here until we get the issue fixed.
Use Current Network Averages

If you enable this setting, we'll pre-fill all Network Averages fields with current data. We recommend enabling this unless you just want to simulate different conditions.

Storage Price Current Average
Upload Price Current Average
Download Price Current Average
Siacoin Price Current Average
Contract Fees Current Average
Number of Contracts Current Average
Contract Duration Current Average

Average storage, contract, upload and download prices updated daily. Provided by SiaStats.info. Current Siacoin price updated hourly. Provided by CoinMarketCap.

Renting Cost Estimate

Your renting cost estimate will be shown here based on the values you enter above. Please note that it is only an estimate - in general, you can plan for slightly higher costs due to host churn (hosts going offline and needing to replace them), and the fact that you may not necessarily end up with the best-priced hosts for every single contract you create. The values shown below are a starting point for what to expect, and what to set your starting allowance at.

One or more input fields above are missing an entry. Please enter a value for all fields.
Storage Cost
??? SC (??? USD)
This is what ??? TB of storage will cost you for ??? Months.
Contract Cost
??? SC (??? USD)
This is what it will cost you to create ??? contracts.
Upload Cost
??? SC (??? USD)
This is what it will cost you to upload your ??? TB of data.
Download Cost
??? SC (??? USD)
This is what it will cost you to download ??? TB of data.
Total Cost
??? SC (??? USD)
This is what you can expect to pay in total for your specified usage.
Recommended Allowance
??? SC (??? USD)
This is a good starting point for your total rental allowance. You can always increase it later.
Tips Based On Your Entries
  • Looks like you're well-qualified to be a host on Sia!

If you think you'd like to become a renter on Sia based on this information, check out our Guide to Renting on Sia for step-by-step directions on getting set up as a renter.

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