⚠️ RBZL, the author of SiaSetup, has been banned by Sia's unreasonable project management due to our criticism of the Sia/Skynet projects.
We'd suggest that you read our criticism, which includes details on how the ban came about, and avoid the Sia and Skynet projects as a result. ⚠️

List of Sia Skynet Portals

A current list of operating Skynet portals.

Current Skynet Portals

Last Updated March 4, 2021

This is a list of currently known Skynet Web Portals in operation. The Sia Skynet network allows users to publicly share content stored on Sia via Skylinks through Portals. Skynet Web Portals allow users to download content from the Skynet network, and in some cases, also upload content. For more information on Skynet and Portals, see our page on Skynet and our Guide to Using Sia Skynet.

The Portal list is currently updated manually - please contact us if you'd like to add your Portal to the list. A more advanced Portal tracking system will eventually be developed.

Notice: The Skynet Portal list below is provided for reference only. SiaSetup does not endorse any Portal listed below, nor do we condone the use of Skynet for any illicit purposes. You are solely responsible for all interactions with the Skynet network.
Portal URL Operator Date Opened Stock Portal Free
https://siasky.dev Development portal - may have bugs
Nebulous (creators of Sia) February 2020 Yes Yes
https://skydrain.net Fornax (creator of PixelDrain) February 2020 No Yes
https://sialoop.net Hakkane (creator of SiaStats) February 2020 No Yes
https://siacdn.com Maxint LLC February 2020 Yes Yes
https://skynethub.io jchauan February 2020 Yes Yes
https://skynet.luxor.tech Luxor Tech February 2020 Yes Yes
https://skynet.tutemwesi.com Tutemwesi February 2020 Yes Yes
https://vault.lightspeedhosting.com Lightspeed Hosting February 2020 Yes Yes
https://skyportal.xyz Delivator April 2020 Yes Yes
https://skynet.utxo.no Unknown Unknown Yes Yes

Stock Portal indicates whether or not the Portal is the basic stock Portal offered by Nebulous, or if it has been significantly modified in any observable way. Modifications may include style and layout changes, or other functionality changes such as requiring a user to log in to use the Portal. Non-stock Portals are not necessarily bad - you may simply want to know if a Portal has the basic stock functionality, or if it has been adjusted or expanded.

Free notates whether or not there is any charge to use the Portal. We anticipate that Portals will be monetized in the future, perhaps to allow access to specific or niche content, or as a way to recoup the costs of operating a portal.

Please report any broken or outdated Portal links by contacting us.