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Sia Host Tools

Tools for being a reliable, profitable host on the Sia network.

Host Tools Overview

Last Updated March 4, 2021

This page provides a number of useful tools and information for Sia hosts. SiaSetup's Host Tools can help you determine if your computer configuration is suitable for hosting, suggest starting prices to set for selling your storage, help you check your host's ranking and performance, and help you troubleshoot issues with your host configuration.

Select a tab below to check out the corresponding host tool. If you're not yet familiar with how hosting works on Sia, you can visit our section on Hosting first. We also have a step-by-step Guide to Hosting on Sia to help you get set up, as well as several Hosting FAQs.

Host Qualification Checker

This tool will assess your proposed hosting configuration for suitability to host on the Sia network. Simply answer the questions, and recommendations will be updated at the bottom of the page with explanations as to why a particular answer may be an issue. The form is filled with default answers for the best possible case, but not all other answers will necessarily result in a recommendation against hosting, so answer each question honestly and we'll point out anything you might want to consider.

Host Machine Always On
Reliable Internet
Storage Quantity Available
Data Caps
Redundant Storage
Operating System
Attitude and Aptitude
Hosting Recommended?
Recommendation Details
  • Looks like you're well-qualified to be a host on Sia!

If you think you'd like to become a host on Sia based on this information, check out our Guide to Hosting on Sia for step-by-step directions on getting set up as a host.

Host Profitability New! Beta

While Sia hosting historically hasn't been very profitable, you may be able to make a small profit hosting if you use surplus equipment in a computer which is already running all the time. You may also be able to make a profit if you hold onto the Siacoins you earn as a host, and they increase in value in the future. Finally, you may just want to know how long it would take to earn a return on investment if you did purchase new hardware, or given other costs like electricity.

You can enter details on your hosting setup here, such as the amount of storage you plan to offer, equipment costs, your host pricing, and other factors like electricity costs, and SiaSetup will calculate your expected profitability. You can also click the buttons to fill the form with average prices of current hosts on the Sia network, or clear the form and enter your own values.

Please note that this calculator is new as of July 2020, and while it is believed to be accurate, certain combinations of inputs may produce incorrect or unexpected results. Also, future conditions such as the price of Siacoin may change significantly, and alter real-world results - therefore, this calculator should only be used as a small part in your decision to host on the Sia network, and not as a definitive prospectus for return on investment or potential income.

Host Configuration

Enter details on your hosting configuration, like the amount of storage you have, what percentage is utilized, and your host pricing in Siacoins. If you currently have a host set up, you can get most of this information by looking at the Host tab in the Sia-UI, or typing host -v in the Sia-UI Terminal or using siac.

Whoops! We're having trouble updating our prices with real-time data right now. As a backup option, please click here to view similar prices on SiaStats.info until we can get this fixed.
Storage Quantity Hosted
Storage and Collateral Pricing
Upload and Download Pricing
Upload and Download Utilization

How much do you expect renters to upload and download each month? This is expressed as a percentage of your used storage in order to provide dynamic upload and download amounts as your amount of used storage changes.

Host Expenses

If you have expenses incurred specifically due to hosting, you can enter them here for a return on investment calculation. If you're using surplus hardware in a system which is already online anyway, you may choose not to enter anything. You can also use this section to plan for new hardware purchases and see how long it would take you to get a return on such an investment.

Hardware Costs
Server/Colocation Costs
System Power Use
Other Monthly Expenses
Siacoin Price and Hypotheticals

You can set variables such as the price of a Siacoin here. You can also set hypothetical variables such as expected inflation of Siacoin price over time, how much of your storage you expect to fill, changes to your storage in the future, and additional Siacoin you may hold.

Siacoin Price and Inflation
Future Host Price Inflation
Future Storage Quantity
Siacoin Bag

Profitability Results

Below are calculated profitability results for the values you entered above. If a table column says No Data, a value above is missing which is required to calculate data for that column. You can hover over each column heading to see a description of that column and details on how it is calculated.

Storage Used SC Price Risked Collateral Gross Monthly Income Monthly Expenses Net Monthly Income Cumulative Income (ROI) Total SC Holdings
Elapsed Time Inflation N/A No Inflation Inflation No Inflation Inflation No Inflation Inflation No Inflation Inflation No Inflation Inflation No Inflation Inflation No Inflation Inflation

Host Troubleshooter New!

If you're having issues with your Sia host (your host shows as offline, you're not receiving new contracts, etc), you can use the SiaCentral Host Troubleshooter to help identify common configuration issues. The form below is pre-filled with your current IP address and the default Sia host announce port, but you can change them if you're using a different IP address, DDNS service, or port to host on Sia.

The SiaCentral Host Troubleshooter will open in a new window. SiaSetup is not affiliated with SiaCentral, which is another third-party Sia resource.

Launch Host Troubleshooter on SiaCentral
This is pre-filled with your current IP - change if necessary.
Default 9982 - don't change this unless you know what you're doing.

For additional troubleshooting tips, visit our Hosting FAQs and see if your question is addressed there. If not, feel free to Contact Us and we'll see if we can add your question and a solution to our FAQ. Please note that we do not provide support for Sia - if you require additional help troubleshooting your host, we suggest using the #help or #hosting channels on the Sia Discord Server.

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