External Links

Other resources to learn about Sia or utilize third-party Sia technologies.

Official Sia Resources

Obelisk Resources

Third-Party Resources

These resources are not maintained by the Sia team, but are still useful.

  • Sia Wiki - useful information, though a bit disorganized and sometimes outdated
  • SiaStats - many useful network stats (pricing, profitability, etc)
  • SiaHub - view Sia host stats, block explorer
  • Sia Mining Pool on Luxor - mining here supports Sia developers
  • Sialytics - ROI calculator for Sia ASIC mining

Sia Integrations and Other Projects

  • Minio - S3-style cloud storage integrated with Sia
  • Duplicati - Back up files to the Sia network
  • GooBox - a Dropbox-like sync app for Sia

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