⚠️ RBZL, the author of SiaSetup, has been banned by Sia's unreasonable project management due to our criticism of the Sia/Skynet projects.
We'd suggest that you read our criticism, which includes details on how the ban came about, and avoid the Sia and Skynet projects as a result. ⚠️

External Links

Other resources to learn about Sia or utilize third-party Sia technologies.

Official Sia Resources

These resources are officially maintained or managed by the Sia team. If you have any question that a resource is legitimate, always start at https://sia.tech.

Skynet Resources

These resources are officially maintained or managed by the Sia team for Skynet.

Obelisk Resources

The Obelisk project is no longer active, but related official resources are here.

Third-Party Resources

These resources are not maintained by the Sia team, but are still useful.

  • Sia Wiki - useful information, though a bit disorganized and sometimes outdated
  • SiaStats - many useful network stats (also see Keops)
  • SiaCentral - various tools, primarily for Sia hosts
  • SiaHub - view Sia host stats, block explorer
Sia Integrations and Other Projects
Storage Solutions Using Sia
  • StoreWise - free 4 GB transfers
  • Arzen - 200 GB free, pricing in Euros for other tiers
  • SiaShare / SiaSentry - file/folder collab and security footage storage
Non-Obelisk Sia / Siacoin ASIC Miners

We'd suggest reviewing current info on mining before deciding to purchase an ASIC.

Outdated or Unmaintained
  • Minio - S3-style cloud storage integrated with Sia
  • Duplicati - back up files to the Sia network
  • GooBox - a Dropbox-like sync app for Sia

Third-Party Skynet Apps (Skapps) and Resources

These are third-party Skapps and other projects built on or related to Skynet.

  • SkyGallery - Imgur-like image galleries on Skynet